XCOR - Space flight for the masses!

I had the privilege to do some Sound Design for the XCOR VR demo that was shown at the LXRY Fair in Amsterdam this fall.

For those unaware: XCOR is a sub-orbital (civilian) space flight initiative, set to launch in 2016. This demo was intended to simulate the experience as close as possible, and was developed in cooperation with Vanguard Games.

The project involved sound design and audio integration in Unity and merging this audio experience with added sensory input of a so-called rumble seat.
By adding a Buttkicker to the seat the subjects find themselves in, the sensation of taking off with an XCOR spaceship is incredibly enhanced.
A major challenge however was the fact this input for the Buttkicker rumble seat is directly derived from the audio sent to the Oculus headphones. In essence this means that what you hear is literally what you feel and because VR requires head-related audio movement, this would mean that the sensory input received by the subject through the seat would change along with their head-position.

It took quite a few iterations to get the setting of the Buttkicker aligned with the audio location, and there was a lot of blending between fixed stereo and positional mono-sounds in order to create an experience that felt both emotionally real and technically believable.

An absolutely awesome project to have been a part of!