A well overdue update

Woooweee, it's been a hot few months. Where to start??

The last time I added to my journal we we're enjoying the warm March months, our team had recently won an award for Halo: Spartan Strike, and I was about to embark on a journey that would take me through no less than four projects. 
Man, a lot has happened since then...

Early March I started doing some sound design work for the awesome folks over at Massive Music. I provided SFX for a series of Audi web commercials, and created a bunch of interface sounds for the KLM iFly website.
March also saw the production kickoff for Landfall, a game I had been working on in some capacity since the end of 2015. Landfall is a VR game developed by ForceFIeldVR for Oculus, Studios in which the player controls a battlefield from a third- and first-person perspective. It's single- and multiplayer and ridiculously fun. 
I'll write up an in-depth report on how I approached integration for this project as soon as it has launched, early 2017.

In August I participated in creating a vertical slice for a mobile title called Think Twice. An ambitious project by Belgian studio Monkube.
Monkube is based in Molenbeek, the renowned Brussels suburb that was the home to some of the terrorists that were involved in the Brussels/Zaventem bombings.
“Think Twice” is Monkube's  attempt to allow people from his community to restore some of the misconceptions one might have of by allowing them to build a level, share it, and send a positive message in to the world through a highly fun and addictive game (believe me, I’ve played it).
I personally feel this is a wonderful way of applying the medium of “games” and suspect it is a much more potent method than just another website or organization trying to change the world by asking for donations.

So, what's next, you ask? More games, I say!

  • I'm currently supervising another VR title for ForceFieldVR which will be announced mid-2017
  • Think Twice will enter production early 2017
  • Landfall needs to be wrapped up
  • I've taken on duties as Lead Sound Designer for Resistance & Liberation, which will see its vertical slice released somewhere along 2017
  • I'm slowly building up my first Sound Library (more on which soon)

    And last but not least: I'll be attending GDC 2017! I like beer so you'll know where to find me.