Sound Design, or: the art of creating an aural experience for the listener/viewer in such a way that it enhances the intended emotion of a medium; be it through suggestion or through emphasis. I have an extensive experience in creating lively and engaging sonic worlds, both for linear and non-linear media. Game Audio Integration

Sound doesn’t just do its work when it is simply dropped into a game. You need to manipulate it -tame it, until it’s believable in all of its unlikeliness. Modern game engines and audio middleware allow the sound designer to do just that, and a solid understanding of these tools greatly improves the believability of a product. I have extensive experience with audio middleware (FMOD, Wwise) and Game Engines (Unreal Engine 4, Unity).

Over the last few years I've worked on several titles for clients such as Microsoft, 343 Studios, Nexon, and EA, most of which have been released. Click on the images to view project info.